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Dreamkeepers graphic novels are now officially available through Amazon!…

Available at the speed of Amazon to anyone, anywhere.  (Hint- that's way faster than me.)  

Some people may have been hesitant to purchase from a personal website using paypal  buttons, which is understandable.  I recall buying software from a site, waiting interminably for the download link, only to discover the site was defunct and the owners forgot to remove the purchase buttons.  (Now I'll never find out how much money that Nigerian prince was trying to send.)

Hopefully making our books available through Amazon can cut through such concerns- so if you (or your parents) were waiting for Dreamkeepers to be available from a more reliable outlet, voila!  

In addition to faster delivery, a lot of people shop on Amazon.  It's like a titanic virtual mall.  And 99.999% of those people have never heard of us-  but maybe now they will.

If you already have copies of Dreamkeepers, help us out with feedback and reviews on our Amazon listings!  Potential readers are increasingly sophisticated, and want to avoid products with a slick presentation and no substance.  Customer reviews are increasingly what they turn to when making a choice- so let them know what to expect.

Volume 4 progress continues- but all I can do is make the book.  Whether it's successful is up to the Dreamkeepers readership- and I think you guys are going to make some waves.


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Dave and Liz Lillie
United States


Troika Power Chart by Dreamkeepers
Troika Power Chart
With a spectrum of wildly unique powers, military commanders in the Troika would need to see at a glance what the general capabilities of a soldier cover.  I figured a simple visual system of categorizing powers would be best, perhaps in the form of a patch or something, to convey basic info rapidly in chaotic battlefield conditions.

This is the rough draft for the power charting system used by the Troika- I figure it would be coupled with an intensity scale ranging from 1-6, with 6 being an overwhelming and rare level of potency.  

Due to a filing flub I lost the high-resolution PSD version of this, but recreating it is on my list of Things to Eventually Do.  I'd like to release a version with PNG logos, something that would make it really easy for readers to download and create power icons for their characters.

For the uninitiated, Dreamkeepers is an ongoing graphic novel series:…
Prelude 287 - Dresslocked by Dreamkeepers
Prelude 287 - Dresslocked
 Dave: Why would anyone design clothing that zips, buttons, or detaches in the back? You don’t see men’s dress shirts that button up the back. Hm- Idea…

 Liz: Whatever Dave. People have compared this dress to Belle’s ball gown from Beauty and the Beast, and I think the overall problem is the same.
Prelude 286:  Camera-why by Dreamkeepers
Prelude 286: Camera-why
Dave: What’s wrong with yellow? People like yellow. …I also like how Wood’s total lack of tact winds up being more comforting than the strained politeness the others aim for. You can’t empathize with a train wreck if you try to pretend it’s not.

Liz: This is going to be one of those Prelude arcs that is built to open a few unanswered doors - and Lilith’s dress being the kickoff of the story gave us the first inspiration of what takes place here. Additionally, if you watch Disney’s Oliver and Company, at the ending birthday party Jenny is wearing a competing dress for worst parental guidance. But hers is red and we have more bows. And the inability for Lilith to raise her arms.
Gregori Documented Desktop by Dreamkeepers
Gregori Documented Desktop
February's voting incentive- Gregori's reign of terror, documented for posterity. 

New voting incentive up for March:…

If you have time, please hop on over and give us a vote! Or we'll sic Gregori on you.
Volume 4 Chapter 12:  Tomb of the Forsaken God by Dreamkeepers
Volume 4 Chapter 12: Tomb of the Forsaken God
A progress sample- the final chapter of Volume 4 is in the works.  I can hardly wait to finish the whole thing and launch the book.  Page by page, we're getting closer!  If you'd like the earliest notice on Kickstarter news, check out our newsletter:…


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GeneralAsura Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
I know this is none of my business, and you don't do requests, but, I have a little thing that I want ask.
Can you do a high resolution version of Prelude page 262…
This's my favourite Prelude page and I wanted to use it as my desktop background, but the version I've have is a little small, so when I put it in full screen it gets kinda "pixelated".
Soooo... Can you  do this for a humble fan?Please 
R-Star97 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so very much for Watching Dave! =) I was so surprised when I looked at my Inbox to see that the guy who made me restarting Art gives me this great support! I just asked my myself why thou?
StefjustheWolf Featured By Owner Edited Mar 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello David when can we buy the Cast in Shadow poster again I really want to buy one. Have a wonderful day.
Dreamkeepers Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
Hi and thanks for your interest!  They're out of print right now but we'll announce when they're back, hopefully later this summer.
StefjustheWolf Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the answer
I hope I won't miss it again^^
whatisinaname777 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
OMG i love how a full grown ryuu-nekos looks like! I. MUST. HAVE. ONE!
GeneralAsura Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015
Last week I've be doing some thinking, and I think I have a theory about the powers of some of the characters of the comic. They are a reflection of the character itself.
Take Bast for example: the things that he suffered, all that wrath accumulated, it manifest itself in the most in the most dangerous way possible, Fire.
Lilith: The kind nature that she is, she values the life of her friends more than her own life, is like she see the flow of life, Life's Channeling.
Ravat: he is a one sadistic son of a bitch, a sociopath, he enjoys the death and suffering of others, the way that he killed Paige and tells Mace about it while laughing. And what is more painful than have your own flesh rotting piece by piece, Decay.
P.S.: I have theories of the rest of the cast too but nothing too conclusive, I like to do more research before posting. Okay :)
DarkKnightWolf2011 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
I just wanted to stop by and say how amazing I think your art style is! I love it! :)

The design, the colors, the story, they're all beautiful done!
Also, I wanted to say how awesome Harmony is, I really love her design and personality. I really hope you draw more of her in the future! :)

Keep up the amazing job!
ok this is going to be strange...but you know the evil character that attacks lilith in the elevator? the bird woman, what species of bird did you base her off of,or did you just make it all up. She is one of my FAVORITE character designs. very well done!

just a thought
you should make one of those personality quizzes where people can see (or a description) of what their dream-keeper would look like. just for giggles. 
Dreamkeepers Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
Actually, she's based off of a real badass bird, the secretary bird, located in the African plains.  Please check out the real thing, we couldn't do as much justice as they need.  Thank you for the kind words, we think they deserve more attention.
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