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November 24, 2009
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Shadow Warrior by Dreamkeepers Shadow Warrior by Dreamkeepers
Another of the commissions for Cornelius van Richten ( [link] )

It’s not often that I get to include a nightmare in commission art, so this was a nice treat. The nightmare monster design & Meian in his shadow form design were inspired by concept sketches submitted by Cornelius. The interior is in a house located inside the Calypsa district near the edge of the Starfall Mountains. As horrifying as the creature looks, I’m putting my money on the halo-laden shadow enshrined guy with the violet blade coming through the wall. Small wonder that the monster has that roach-surprised-by-the-kitchen-light pose going on. Looks like he’s a bit too big to hide underneath the cupboard and wait for things to blow over, though.
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What is he?, Dark Templar?
ProphetStorm Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I must say, Meian looks very...agitated. If I were the monster, I'd have the same roach recoil reaction.
Dark Souls...
Vescott May 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think he should take it easy on the poor little nightmare, they have feelings too!
That's the awesomesauce!
I can sum this picture up in four words.

"And then, badassery happnened."

Meian's darkened halo disturbs me for some reason...Awesome. Plus, something about naginatas -- And traditional Japanese weapons in general -- Is inherently awesome. When you see a guy with a naginata, or a katana, or a kanabo, you know some ass in gonna get kicked very soon.


I dunno, did you mean for us to feel sorry for the Nightmare? I know Nightmares are extra-dimensional aberrations of utter and total malice and destructive desire, but he doesn't even have a chance. Doesn't. Have. A CHANCE.

Yet another awesome, so awesome of piece of art. You, sir, are a bonafied badass. I suggest that you have a tailor custom design you a Badass Longcoat and wear it to interviews and expos and stuff like that.


Well, I'll stop chattering. I part with these words: I pity the fool who'll have to clean up the mess left from this fight.
Ooh, I like the summary. :dance:

I didn't necessarily want to inspire pity for the Nightmare... But after Meian came out so intimidating in the final art, it became almost unavoidable. Thanks for the kind words about the piece, I'm glad you like it. :love:

Heh, I don't know about a Badass Longcoat, but I do have a scruffy old trenchcoat that I've been known to frequent.
Trenchcoats are Badass Longcoats for those of modest tastes.

And you're totally~ welcome. <83
What the hell is up with his Halo???
I'm not entirely certain - the commissioner requested the visual effect. I think it has something to do with the nature of his power ability.
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